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Refer Me PRO membership costs $59 for either one year or 36,500 referrals (whichever arrives first).

You're probably wondering why you would want to pay for Refer Me when you're already using it for free! Benefits of Refer Me PRO are:

  1. More professional look and feel to your system. No deadlock taglines!

  2. Total control over your referral messages, including the opening paragraph (which is fixed in the free version).

  3. Receive your lists of referrals in batch files.

  4. Access to all sorts of useful Refer Me statistics.

  5. Seven day free trial period.
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In Detail...

Full Customisation

The free version has a standard opening paragraph (Hi [friend], your friend [sender] sent you this note...). This may not suit you, especially if you want to use a foreign language or you're sending Web cards. You'll be pleased to know that Refer Me PRO allows you total customisation, the opening paragraph no longer applies.

If you've used (free) Refer Me, you'll know that the deadlock tagline appears at the bottom of every outgoing referral message and also on the more friends/thank you page whenever a referral is sent. These taglines will disappear in the PRO version. You also get the option of forwarding straight to a page on your site (instead of having your custom page "mirrored" by, so your users will always see your own URL in their browser.

Refer Me PRO Control Panel

You'll get an easy-to-use Web-based control panel which lets you:

  • Change your global default settings: message; email address; URL; site title. These can be overridden by the form fields on individual pages, but it's a very convenient way of changing many forms all at once.

  • See how many referrals you're getting compared with other sites. View the comprehensive list of all sites using Refer Me, ranked by daily referral averages.

  • Check your referral counts day to day and month to month (backdated to the day you started using the free version).

If you've been using (free) Refer Me with "get_names" switched on, you'll know that you (the webmaster) get an email containing the list of recipients every time a referral is sent. With the PRO version you can leave it this way if you like, but you also have the option of storing the names/addresses in text files, which are then sent to you every so often. Much more convenient.

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