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Here's a step-by-step guide to getting Refer Me on your Web site.

In order to use Refer Me, you must already have a Web site of your own, and you must have the ability to create new pages on your site.

Step 1: Copy The Code

Go here and copy that block of HTML code to your clipboard. In other words, if you have a Windows PC, left-click at the top of the code and drag your mouse downwards until all of the text is highlighted then, while the text is highlighted, do CTRL-C.

Step 2: Add The Code To Your Web Page

Start up the program you usually use to create your Web pages. Open the page you want to add Refer Me to or, if you prefer, start a new page. Place the cursor at the place in your page where you want Refer Me to appear, then paste the Refer Me code into your page (if you have a PC, do CTRL-V).

MS FrontPage users: to avoid raw HTML code from appearing, you must use the insert option in the menu.

Step 3: Customise The Form Fields

You'll see several Web/email addresses that obviously need changing, for example If you're not sure which ones need changing, go back here to see which bits are coloured red (these are the bits that need changing). There's also further explanation about each bit further down that page.

Step 4: Upload And Test

Save your work, then upload (or "publish") it to your server and try it out. If it doesn't work, read the error message which will give you a good idea about what's wrong. If all else fails, you can get help here.

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